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Chi-Aura Integration (Chi-A) is a pioneering method of energy medicine which has been evolving since March of 1987. The practitioner uses his/her entire body as a "vehicle of Light" to enhance natures innate healing properties. Sounds, specific hand positions and techniques, and shamanic elements effect the bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to cleanse intra-psychic blocks and resistances to personal fulfillment.

The Chi-A practitioner and client can, at times, feel the healing energy coming from the transpersonal domain of archetypes from the collective unconscious; sacred geometrical shapes; colored Light; animal spirits; spirit guides; sacred languages and healing sounds. Connecting to the Hearts of Heaven and Earth create a vibration in the body which access these multidimensional worlds and pierce the thin veil of non-ordinary reality. This is the vibration of Love and Light into which all things are brought into wholeness.

In Chi-A , the practitioner is not a healer. He/she acquires the ability, through meditation and other personal practices, to become a bridge between Heaven and Earth and use coherent light to assist the healing process. (read "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" by James Oschman

The "magic" of Chi-A comes from the shamanic principle that all life is interconnected. This interconnection is the glue holding its many aspects together. Larry Dossey (Healing Beyond the Body) states, "Shamanism gives up control. It suggests that we need to relent and surrender, and acknowledge powers and forces greater than the rational mind. It honors mystery. It honors powers and knowledge greater than the own individual self and ego. In contrast, in modern medicine we honor reason and the self. So in order to practice shamanic medicine, you have to take a different perspective and set the ego aside and become one with the world and the powers that transcend an individual´s sense of self."

The Chi-A practitioner gives up control and becomes a conduit for the healing powers of the world greater than the personal ego. By becoming connected to the transpersonal world, we access the "open mind field" of intelligence and healing occurs at many levels in our mind, body, and spirit. Stanislav Grof (Psychology of the Future) speaks of the transpersonal as "experiences of oneness with other  people, life forms; experiences that transcend time, such as ancestral experiences, experiences of the collective unconscious; past incarnations, and those from the mythological, archetypal domain of the collective unconscious. Indigenous cultures had intimate knowledge  of these normally invisible dimensions, the basis of all religion and true metaphysics."

It is within the realm of the transpersonal dimension that the Chi-A practitioner connects the healing energy. His/her body can become the expression of  pain in the client. Sounds trapped in the cells by trauma, can exit the clients body by the sounding of the practitioner. Healing, harmonious sounds come from other domains to soothe or loosen trauma enabling it to exit the body easily.

The Chi-A practitioner feels the clients blocked energy leaving through their own body and being drawn into the Heart of  the Earth where it is transformed and returned to the client as Light and Love. The energy does not get stuck in the practitioner because of the constant flow between the connecting Hearts of Heaven and Earth. This keeps both client and practitioner safe during and after the session.

Physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits have been received by clients during individual healing sessions as well as in workshops where people gather to augment the healing process. (Read "testimonials" for specific results).

Chi-A specifically works with information contained in the bones  that leads to deep and profound cellular change. We are discovering that deep trauma can be released by energizing the skeletal structure through revitalization of the bones. Carol Proudfoot-Edgar ( writes: "Ancestral Shamanism involves learning ways to reconnect with the Old Ones so that we can return to the wholeness of ourselves, to all our kin. The Elders say we can make this return by Awakening our Bones for in them flows the River of Memory. If we take a moment to think about bones, we realize they are our foundation. They provide structure and bare the weight of every experience that seeps into and comes to rest deep within their cells. Some belief systems say that Karma runs in the blood. Blood is manufactured in the bone marrow. Is it, therefore, possible to heal our Karma by healing our bones?

The new work in Chi-Aura Integration effects our skeletal structure. It transmits a vibration throughout the entire body enabling us to feel energy more acutely thus moving us forward on our individual path to wholeness. There is a four level program of ten sessions that ignites and restructures the bones to augment personal growth. Success in relieving panic/anxiety attacks is one noteworthy result.

Chi-A has developed a specific technique to release deep trauma. Rosalyn Bruyere (Wheels of Light) says, "Data that goes into the subconscious during a trauma cannot be released from the subconscious until a shift of the same magnitude or intensity is again attained. As a result, though we might be able to recall the traumatic event, we cannot change any attitude we may have toward the experience (trauma). Neither can we alter how we feel or release the experience until we reach the amplitude of the original traumatic event again."

By practicing the meditation, Connecting the Hearts of Heaven and Earth, the Chi-A practitioner increases their capacity to hold higher vibrational Light. It is this Light that creates, in his/her own body, an amplitude that is equal to or greater than that which created the trauma. Another Chi-A technique is using collective group energy to increase the magnitude of available energy. This is done effectively in workshop settings where profound results are realized.

Shakti Gawain (Reflections in the Light) states, "Being a channel means being fully and freely yourself and knowing consciously that you are a vehicle for the highest creative energy of the Universe." Chi-A practitioners discover their uniqueness by learning to follow their intuition and inner guidance. Specific techniques and hand positions are taught, but the ultimate message in Chi-Aura Integration workshops is to learn how to "be fully and freely yourself" by following your deep inner guidance. In this way, you become a vehicle of Light by expressing your uniqueness.

There are two main objectives of Chi-Aura Integration. The first is to increase the body´s capacity to receive higher vibrational Light. The second is to teach that "A community of people can heal the people in their community".

The underlying principle of "Chi-A" states that we are not healers. We, as practitioners, do not heal anyone. The healing comes from the energy created by connecting the Hearts of Heaven and Earth. Human beings are the Bridge between Heaven and Earth. As the Bridge, we become vehicles of Light. We gather to share the healing, assist in the changes, and witness the transformations.










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